PODCAST: Promoting Circularity in Our heavy reliance on plastic packaging has long been


The Kenyan Government has lauded the private sector players' contribution

7th Annual Circular Economy

On the 26th of October 2022, Sustainable Inclusive Business(SIB-K), a

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Sustainable Inclusive Business – Kenya (SIB-K) is a neutral initiative established through a fruitful partnership between the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Kenya. Its main objective is to increase awareness and the adoption of sustainable business models with a positive impact on People, the Planet and Profit, working with the private sector, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), civil society and governments. The initiative champions for mind shift from contemporary CSR practices to creating innovative business solutions which contribute to sustainability and inclusion. The focus on sustainability informs the focus areas SIB-K engages in including circular economy, blue economy, climate change, people power, and redefining business values. It is also the lead organization in the implementation of the Kenya Plastics Pact.