Peter van Leent

Sustainability Manager at Biobest Group

Peter is the Sustainability manager at Biobest Group. During his studies, he worked for several research institutes and projects as a Tropical Marine Biologist: corals and sponges for NIOZ Texel on Curacao, Seagrass and turtle grazing in Indonesia, coral symbiosis in New Zealand and for Stanford University. Coming back to Europe, he had a strong desire to apply his knowledge of sustainability and started working in CO2- management and sustainability strategy for Visser & Smit Hanab in the oil & gas industry. He was quickly hired by the group (VolkerWessels) to handle CSR reporting and started working as a consultant for Primum (also under VolkerWessels). Here, he led a team of 15 advisors working on energy & CO2 and other topics such as biodiversity, climate adaptation, social return and mostly on the circular economy. In the last three months, Peter applied his knowledge as a sustainability specialist for DEME Group in Zwijndrecht.

With enthusiasm and broad experience, he likes to help projects and organizations to come to a meaningful sustainability strategy, fitting their core business and company mission; and roadmap supporting tangible measures and concrete actions, leading to the sustainable development of the business, our planet and our quality of life.

1.00 - 2.00 PM

1.00 - 2.00 PM WORKSHOP 1 & 2


By adopting increasingly circular, regenerative, and inclusive farming practices, Kenya has shown great potential to make its second-largest industry more sustainable overall. For instance, circular agriculture is enabling Kenya to mitigate climate change, elevate its food quality and improve food security.


Are you in the Agricultural sector? Join this workshop as we illustrate the opportunities for circular agriculture in Kenya and farming trends that have been identified as indicative of the transition to circular agriculture in the region.



Tei Mukunya Oundo, Talash Huijbers, Peter Van Leent, Elfrieke Van Galen, Claire Van Enk