SIB-K Data Protection Agreement

  1. Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya (SIB-K) Data Protection Policy is based on the Kenya Private Sector Alliance’s (KEPSA) DATA HANDLING AND RELATED POLICIES. Your personal information will only be used for SIB-K’s internal and external auditing purposes and will be stored for ten years on SIB-K’s internal servers. Any other use of your data will always be subject to further consent. Your data will NOT be used for commercial advertising purposes.
  • I consent to video footage and photos of myself at this conference being taken and used in SIB-K’s conference reporting, communication brochures, presentations, websites, and social media pages. The recordings and pictures will not be used for gainful or commercial purposes. I consent to SIB-K storing and using my personal data in accordance with the above statement. This consent will remain valid even if my data is not used.