Claire van Enk

Founder & CEO, Farm to Feed

Raised in Kenya with Dutch heritage, Claire van Enk has a background in Engineering and previous international work experience in strategy and operations. She is the founder and CEO of Farm to Feed, a tech-enabled solution that creates a market for surplus and imperfect produce.

Farm to Feed has successfully developed a solution to food loss where the need is immense: in sub-Saharan Africa, 50% of vegetables and fruit never reach the consumer while a huge portion of the population faces food insecurity. Farm to Feed facilitates necessary market linkages to a) boost farmers’ incomes by creating a market for their imperfect/surplus produce b) assist customers/consumers access more affordable good nutrition and c) reduce GHG emissions and avoid wastage of valuable resources. Farm to Feed is launching East Africa's first online marketplace trading imperfect and surplus produce at scale - this will offer more market solutions to farmers as well as tackle the detrimental social and environmental of food loss.