2nd Annual Circular Economy Conference

 2nd Annual Circular Economy Conference

Sustainable Inclusive Business -The Knowledge Centre was formed in 2015 through a fruitful

partnership between the Kenya Private Sector Alliance and MVO Nederland. The centre has worked towards raising awareness for businesses to have a positive impact on People, Planet and Profit through providing tools and knowledge for businesses in Kenya.

Part of the mandate of the SIB Knowledge Centre is to provide a platform for businesses to share insights on how some of the challenges businesses face can be converted into viable business opportunities. The SIB therefore organized the 2nd Private Sector Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on the 26th of April 2017.

Thank you!

We like to thank you for making this Conference possible. Also we like to inform and share a summary of the Conference.

Conference GOAL

The aim of the conference was to provide a Meet, Learn and Share opportunity for all players in the Kenyan economy, both private and public, members of the civil society and the academia to look at ways of how to turn the various challenges facing businesses into opportunities. It is in this conference that businesses had a great opportunity to create useful networks with other business players, thus create a strong ‘coalition of the willing’ to benefit from each other and make their businesses ‘futureproof’.

Based on all the feedback from participants we can say that there is a big need and appetite

for knowledge gaining and sharing. On top of this the cross sectorial networking with businesses, organisations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, government and other like-minded people is of true business value.

Future Proof Business Mind-set & Partners in Business

Matching above – this year’s theme was: Future Proof Business Mind-set & Partners in Business. The conference held a set of workshops to discuss sector-specific challenges faced by businesses. SIB Kenya likes to keep the conversations going, and facilitate action through a partnership program and organizing working discussions to follow-up on the discussions made.

Why it’s a MUST do

Sustainable Inclusive Business is important because all the choices we pursue and the collective actions that we undertake today do tend to affect everything in the future. We cannot ignore the impact of businesses and their required actions. Businesses have a role to play in addressing the global challenges of today. This responsibility might come with its own set of challenges; a need for fruitful partnerships, long-term vision, courage and trust. But above all it is a matter of making a start and setting realistic, yet ambitious goals. Improve your business practice will result in sustainability, control and business opportunities of all kinds.