4th Annual Circular Economy Conference

 4th Annual Circular Economy Conference

Every year we look back and we look forward and we see a lot of change and progress has been made, and there is still a lot to do.

Last year we discussed issues like waste management, impact on land, infrastructure and biodiversity and people’s skills. This year we can share the progress.

On Waste Management we are now ready to draft the Action Plan together with identified partners. On circular Economy, we now share the principles beyond the waste aspect. We look at Resources, Redesign materials, Redesign business models, Refurbishment, Remanufacturing and Recycling and we are developing road maps with partners. Recovering materials, Rethinking the use of materials are now even in the new Waste Management Bill.

We all believe in the Circular Economy and we understand that resources, nature and

people are all connected. This year we try to find the collective solutions to close gaps. We will make sure everyone can pair up and find their match, start building that platform where all green, sustainable construction materials come together, create a plan where the hospitality/tourism industry will not only pledge but communicate to the consumer and have their waste and materials management taken care of, start including everyone in investing in trees and restoring landscapes (our homes), find the answers to skills and people power to build a Sustainable Future.

We have reached a moment in time that we need to change. Change the way we think, the way we execute business practice and the way we measure success. Climate change, growing population, lack of water, pollution, use of raw materials, consumption habits, unemployment, energy use, inequality, animal welfare, agri-practice, soil and land use are all not leading to a Sustainable and Future Proof situation. It also leads to Business Fears!

All we need is to shift and act. A New Business Mindset is required. Businesses are the

biggest driving force behind any country’s economy. They are (often) flexible, agile and smart with a strong desire to be sustainable.

This is the perfect combination to create big social and environmental impact. At the same time, it creates big Business Opportunities. During the 4th Annual Private Sector Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business, we will inspire you with insights and examples of a circular economy, New risk assessment, true pricing systems and a new way of measuring success. Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya likes to showcase great examples, work in progress, insights from all sectors, bring people and ideas together and Grow Sustainable Businesses.

Solutions, innovations (live to try) and many start-ups, students, 250 businesses/organisations, good business practice and networking will invite and encourage you in your Sustainable Inclusive Business Journey.

You are welcome!

Your presence, participation and contribution are highly appreciated.